About ASA

Angadi School of Architecture(ASA), Belagavi, established in 2016 under shelter of Suresh Angadi Education Foundation Trust (SAEF estb – 2008). A well established and experienced trust with more than 10years of experience in running various educational institutes like Angadi Institute of technology and management (AITM), Angadi college of Commerce and Science(ACCS) and Angadi International School (AIS). Spear headed by our visionary chairman Shri Suresh Angadi honourable Minister of parliament of this region who has dedicated his life and time for the service of people and healthy building of the nation by the method of providing good and affordable education to his pupils. Sighting the infrastructural need of our developing nation, ASA was curated to take in hand and fabricate Architects and Designers with immense creative knowledge who can take a lead in resolving all kinds’ issues arising in the process infrastructural development. That may be as large as city planning, or as small as designing furniture. ASA is dedicated in bringing quality education in architecture and create a nodal center for research and development in the field of Art, Science and Technology the essential ingredients of an Architect and designer. ASA has set its bench mark of global standard education yet retaining its roots with the ethical standards of local and vibrant Bharat. At ASA the quality policy of Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) process is applied to enhance the learning experience that is student centric, equally supported by the young, dynamic and experienced mentors of architecture and allied disciplines. Also keeping in pace with the Architectural education standards set by Council of Architecture New Delhi, (COA) and high quality examination process set by Visvesvaraya Technological University Belagavi. Owing to the AIM and Mission the ASA team lead by our leader Smt. Dr. Spoorthi Patil the director of SAEF and the governing council member of ASA is bent upon in setting a land mark in architectural education at ASA and our nation. AIM – “To be the best international hub for providing Architectural education” Mission – “Not just to colour the students, but to shape them into responsible and ethical architectural graduates”

Shri . Suresh Angadi, Chairman

Hon’ble Member of Parliament

About Chairman

The Chairman of Suresh Angadi Education Foundation (SAEF),Belagavi, hails from an agricultural family of K.K. Koppa village, near Belagavi, Karnataka. He is immensely influenced by Swami Vivekananda and believes that “Education is not just an accumulation of knowledge but the development of mind too.” Needless to say, his mission is thus to impart quality education by which character is framed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which ultimately one can stand on one’s own feet. This mission kindled in him the desire and determination to establish the ‘Suresh Angadi Education Foundation’, which aims to impart quality education. Today under his able leadership SAEF now comprises of Angadi College of Commerce and Science College, offering courses in disciplines such as PUC, B.Sc., B.Com, BCA, BBA, and similarly, Angadi Institute of Technology and Management, offering courses in disciplines alike Bachelors in Engineering, M.Tech (Civil and Mechanical Engineering ) and MBA and also Diploma in Engineering. Shri. Suresh Angadi‘s concern for the masses and his contribution to the growth and development of Belagavi district is reflected in people showering their love and affection by consecutively electing him for the third time in a row as the Hon’ble Member of Parliament ( Lok Sabha ) from Belagavi Constituency. He is also chosen as a Member, Council of the Indian Institute of Science from the Lok-sabha. Shri. Suresh Angadi Hon’ble Member of Parliament.

Director Desk

Educational institutions have a profound role to play in building of the nation, a society and an individual. There is a huge challenge for Institutions in today’s global and highly competitive world to make students Industry ready. The mark of any Institution lies in the quality of values it delivers professionally.

Angadi School of Architecture(ASA) is a young integrated environmental friendly campus that has made positive impact on people, companies and society in a short period of time. It aims at complete development of a student. you can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. This curiosity is built in our students by our dynamic staff who have been trained to ensure that the students are given every possible support in all their endeavour’s.

We warmly welcome the young aspiring students to be a part of ASA and pass out successfully as qualified professionals. We also hope that your stay with us will be enjoyed and cherished forever by you.

Dr. Spoorti R.Patil

Director SAEF.


Ar. H. S. Patil

Principal, ASA

Principal Desk

Architecture is considered to be the Nobel profession in comparison to any other profession because we fall in line with a creator, and creating things is not an easy task because it holds immense responsibility, as the best created things can last for centuries and can have vast impact on the social well being of the mankind. Creation can be perfected by being responsive and responsible with a futuristic foresight. We at ASA provide this perfected facility for all the students who get associated with us in the journey of architectural education and profession. We aim to offer experiential learning that can lead to creative vibrancy and lateral thinking, because the 20th century architecture is powered with advanced leap in science and technology enhancing the way a built environment is executed. The responsibility of an architect is no less than winning a war against the climate change which is melting our mother earth one of the weapons to win this war is by being sustainable. We at ASA endeavour to keep suitability as a prime agenda to fine tune our graduated architects to have a better world tomorrow. Architects are free thinkers and reformers who take charge globally and work locally, the freedom of expression has to be well supported with proven facts and figures in one hand and backed with research and experiments in other hand. My team of mentors from various disciplines are empowered to provide this to every student graduating from ASA. We headed by the SAEF trust with experienced board member who adhere to provide quality affordable education to this and surrounding region, so that the citizens of this region can drive and lead the nation towards progress by taking the driver’s seat. Let us all serve this nation and play our role to make our Bharat shine brighter and richer on this globe and I bow to say the epicentre for this movement of “Mahan Bharat” shall be the Angadi School of Architecture of Belagavi.